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Bring live streaming to the world's largest professional network for creatives


$1,850,000+ raised to-date from music industry executives, VC, angels and the crowd 🦄🙌🚀
700,000 users in 190+ countries with 1,273% revenue growth from 2019 to 2020 and 5x growth in MAUs
$45bn+ market set to double over the next decade
Unique Growth Engine with customer acquisition costs as low as $0.09
The #1 social-professional network for creatives; traction gained even during COVID-19
Multi-award winning platform - named in Apple's Best of 2017 apps list
Featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, NASDAQ, and more
Investors include executives from Beatport, Warner & Sony

Our Team

Baz and I are both lifelong musicians who spent many years struggling before making a living from our art. This story is not uncommon. The obstacles aren't talent or ambition. We simply didn’t know the right people. There had to be a better way. With Vampr we are striving to eradicate this pain point for the next generation of creative souls.

Invest in Vampr - Bringing Live Streaming To The World's Creatives

Vampr is already the fastest growing and most active social-professional network for creatives in the world. With just one swipe our users can find people to collaborate with, create new music and monetize their work.

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700,000 people have joined Vampr in 190+ countries with our largest bases in North America, India, Brazil and Europe. Our community has made over 6 million connections and produced hundreds of thousands of new songs along the way.

And now we’re back! After a blockbuster crowdfunding round in January 2020, which saw us raise $1,000,000 in conjunction with private investment, we are launching a smaller, follow-on round, with the intent of preparing the company for a Series A round in H2 2021.

And we’ve got something really special planned to get us there:

Live Streaming

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The adoption of live streaming by creatives has grown 99x since the start of the pandemic in lieu of touring and other traditional revenue streams. This shift has opened up an opportunity for Vampr to build a secure and dedicated live streaming service for our users, to take their creativity to the eyes and ears of the world, while providing additional monetization opportunities and revenue potential for the company.

While Instagram and TikTok have much larger user bases, it is an unfocused audience who aren’t always there to give artists and their music the time of day it deserves. This is why artists who Go Live on Instagram will typically reach only 0.5 - 2% of their followers.

Vampr Pro Jams, as we’re calling it, is about to change all that 🙌

But let's rewind for a second!

Last year when we opened the doors for our community to invest in Vampr we came to you with a vision: to open up our music network to creative people from all walks of life. Now, just eight months later we’ve realized that vision, creating substantial new value during that time.

We have completely rebuilt Vampr from the ground up, we’ve tweaked our branding, and we launched a music rights representation and management division - Vampr Publishing. We have already amassed a catalogue of thousands of songs in record time. All this on the back of our increasingly valuable social network.

Most importantly, we delivered on our promise to monetize the network with the introduction of our subscription tier: Vampr Pro.

Since its very public August debut in Forbes, hundreds of paying customers have enthusiastically signed up, with thousands of dollars in monthly recurring revenue generated from the first month alone. We are now busy optimizing the freemium user to paying customer process with a 3% target conversion rate by year’s end - this is when Vampr would start to generate meaningful revenue.

To get to 3% conversion, we’re upping our marketing spend 4% MoM and have a full-time data scientist working on funnel optimization for new users
Adjusted EBITDA from previous CF round to account for 7 month build of Vampr Pro. This image contains future looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.

Why are we so confident in our ability?

Our proprietary user acquisition strategy, our unique Growth Engine, is the envy of all other digital music platforms.

Since launch in 2017 Vampr enjoyed exponential growth of 12.2% MoM hitting peak MAUs of 75K at the start of 2019.

During our 2019 crowdfund period we switched off the Growth Engine, redirecting resources to rebuild Vampr and monetize the platform while we raised capital.

With the Growth Engine now back on, Vampr will spend a significant portion of new funds on marketing. For comparison, Facebook still spends 5-10% of its market value every two years on user acquisition.

Connections that matter

Every day tens of thousands of listings are shared on Craigslist, Fiverr and Facebook Groups all with creatives looking for work​.​ These options are ok for one-off gigs but they aren’t platforms designed for creatives to build meaningful relationships and a network of like minded people; a community invested in your long-term creative journey. It’s opportunities, it’s conversations, it’s friendship and support.

If time is our most valuable asset then resorting to classifieds in the 21st century is not a solution at all for advancing your creative life.

Vampr has modernized networking for creatives looking for meaningful collaborative partners all over the world (check out our Instagram which highlights Vampr Stories showing just this).

Vampr Stories
We publish Vampr Stories sent to us by our community on our Instagram feed


There is no better team in the world equipped for this challenge. Everyone at Vampr has enjoyed a career in the creative arts. Literally everyone, including our developers.

We understand inherently that people will spend money to further their career, because ​we all spent a boatload of hard earned cash to further our own. Our CEO Josh Simons has worked with everyone from Travis Scott to Keith Urban, racking up tens of millions of streams along the way. This year he was named in The Music Network’s 30 Under 30 Power List where he was also voted Reader’s Choice. Co-founder Baz Palmer is a Hall of Fame musician. His band Hunters & Collectors reached 12x Platinum sales and toured the world for more than twenty years.

Many of us at Vampr started off playing the club circuit, and would eventually graduate to theatres and ultimately arenas. ​As part of that journey we had the opportunity to work with phenomenal creative minds across so many fields, from graphic designers to audio technicians, from lighting experts to marketing gurus.

​We understand a creative person’s requirements at every step of the journey. ​​We translate this to Vampr. We didn’t have to learn how to ​'find our audience'​, to use tech speak - we just spoke directly with them.

Our last crowdfund campaign saw us attract 1,150 investors, many of them Vampr users, from over 50 countries and all walks-of-life ranging from institutional investors to stay-at-home parents, music industry executives from Beatport, Warner & Sony to NHL players.

In this follow-on round we are pleased to announce our lead investor from the previous round, RZN8 Capital, has returned to lead once again.

We are also launching this round with the support of the Angels & Entrepreneurs network, founded by New York Times best-selling author Neil Patel. Our campaign is being brought to their community by David Weisburd, Co-Head of Venture Capital at 10X Capital.

Awards and Industry Recognition

Vampr has been consistently acknowledged by tech and creative industry leaders, from being included in Apple’s Best Of The Year apps list, receiving online accelerator funding support from Amazon and Facebook, and partnering with Capitol Records for their Capitol Royale hackathon event. We’ve also been blessed with multiple awards, from SF MusicTech in North America to the Lovie Awards in Europe.


CrowdCheck audit

Ahead of launching our first equity crowdfunding campaign we went above and beyond the minimum amount of disclosure and transparency required by the SEC. We voluntarily engaged CrowdCheck to conduct an exhaustive due diligence process and audit of the company’s history, record keeping and corporate standing so we could offer prospective investors trust in our story and assurance that our operations are in full compliance within the law.

Their due diligence report from our first crowdfund campaign is available to read here.

The CrowdCheck tick of approval, along with our audited GAAP financials for 2018 & 2019 and additional disclosures in our most recent Form C, should provide confidence in our management, and a comprehensive look inside our company’s trading history and decision making. We are proud of our transparency as it is a rare commodity in early stage startups.


As a company whose primary purpose is to connect people, we wanted to do more in the face of this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.

Instead of cutting costs we moved more aggressively than ever. We doubled our team size, while equalizing the gender and diversity hiring gap. We prioritized bringing tools to artists which could help them make money in a time where touring and live events are no longer viable income streams.

Tools such as music distribution and film and TV sync representation. We have rolled out these features progressively over the past several months, with plenty more to come, in a clearly defined roadmap which will see us continue to innovate throughout the remainder of the year.

Next Steps

The introduction of Pro Jams, in conjunction with our upcoming social feed, music distribution and Vampr Publishing will see Vampr become the only 360° self-service platform for artists in the world. The reliance on labels, touring and major budgets in order to make an impact have never been lower.

Keep your Masters. Keep your Publishing. Keep it Social.

The Opportunity

This second crowdfunding offering from Vampr is a rare opportunity to invest in, and support a social-professional network with existing traction, an already ubiquitous brand among musicians, and trusted by creatives the world over.

As many of you would know, the value of connecting strangers is substantial. LinkedIn sold for 26 billion dollars in 2016 while Tinder went public with a valuation of 3 billion dollars back in 2015. That said, these are the success stories, and growing a social network is risky, takes real commitment, capital and a shared vision.

So dig in, take a look through the updated campaign page and video, company deck and join our existing 1,150 investors to be part of the Vampr family.